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West Michigan's Morning News

Steve Kelly has been at the forefront of local radio in West Michigan for over a quarter century. He's a devout family man, tireless advocate for mental health, and loves to inform and entertain.

Breaking Down the Surgeon General Social Media Warning

Gardening Simplified Preview with Rick Vuyst

It's a slugfest and you have thyme on your hands! Here is a preview of Gardening Simplified with Rick Vuyst.

Debt Deal Vote with Congressman Bill Huizenga

Congressman Bill Huizenga of Michigan's 4th District joins WMMN for an insider look at the voting behind the debt ceiling deal.

Great Lakes Invitational NCAA Hockey Tournament

Regional General Manager of ASM Global at Van Andel Arena Rich MacKeigan joins WMMN with more details on the announcement of the Great Lakes Invitational NCAA Hockey Tournament signing on to play at Van Andel Arena for the next 4 years.

CVN 76 Scholarships with Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, columnist, author, president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation and President Reagan's son, joins WMMN to discuss the CVN 76 Schoolarship - a scholarship for families and soldiers who served on CVN 76.

Senate Debt Limit Vote

NBC News Radio National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins WMMN this morning to discuss last night's vote on raising the debt ceiling.

Top 5 Stories June 2

Jurassic Park items up for sale, an update on the new West Michigan Pro Volleyball team, and who knew Legos were so expensive? That and more on today's top 5!

Trending News June 2


Debt Limit Deal House Vote

The bill to raise the debt ceiling has passed the House of Representatives. NBC News Radio National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins WMMN with the details and what is next.

West Michigan Weekend Events - June 2-4

Summer is officially here and Shmitty has a roundup of all of the amazing things to do in Grand Rapids this weekend.