Gordon’s understanding of what listeners need to know and the questions they’d like answered are a perfect match for the morning show. Before taking the helm at The Wall Street Journal This Morning in November 2005, Gordon was well-known to New York City radio listeners, having worked at both WINS-AM and WCBS-AM where he honed his writing skills and developed his distinctive on-air reporting style. He also served as a New York City bureau chief for Metro Networks where his reports aired on WOR-AM and WABC-AM. Gordon began his career in radio as a play-by-play sports announcer for Rutgers University, his alma mater. He also finds time to work as Public Address announcer for New York Giants football and Army football. His hobbies include fishing, whitewater rafting, and coaching soccer. He lives with his wife Kelly and their two children in central New Jersey.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 24, 2024

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 23, 2024

Trump trial attorneys spar over legality of hush-money payments, pro-Palestinian protests sweep US college campuses, and more than half of Americans plan to assist their parents financially.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 22, 2024

House approves $95 billion aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, Israeli officials lash out over potential U.S. sanctions on military unit, and TSA screening dog 'Messi' retires from duty.

This Weekend with Gordon Deal April 20, 2024

What happens when your priced out of America, why are gas prices on the rise, and stop filming yourself at the gym already.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 19, 2024

Israel launches retaliatory strike on Iran, full jury seated at Trump trial, and best cars and SUVs for shorter people.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 18, 2024

Mayorkas impeachment trial ends as Democrats dismiss charges, Republicans to test new abortion messaging, and households are divided over how to load the dishwasher.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 17, 2024

Jury for Donald Trump's trial takes shape, Supreme Court appears skeptical of using obstruction law to charge Jan. 6 rioters, and why some people bruise more easily than others.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 16, 2024

Israel's military chief says that Israel will respond to Iran's weekend missile attack, FBI opens probe into Baltimore bridge collapse, and good news for car shoppers.

This Morning with Gordon Deal April 15, 2024

Israel vows to 'exact a price' after Iran's attack, bystanders hailed for confronting and stopping a man who killed 6 at a Sydney shopping mall, and Tax Day food deals.

This Weekend with Gordon Deal April 13, 2024

The lawmakers who want to fix the political divide, pregnancy at age 35 can have benefits, and ways to decrease stress.