Golf Pro Hits Ball Off Beer Can Then Chugs It

You might think that at age 50, former professional golfer and long-time professional party animal John Daly would have grown up. That would be a no.


Daly is still finding ways to entertain fans, and you never really know what he’s going to do next.


Case in point – a recent fundraiser in Myrtle Beach. Plenty of fans were consuming beers, and what happened next is a bit of a “hold my beer, watch this” moment. Daly elected to use someone’s beer as a golf tee. Now, we’re sure that some of your friends may or may not have done this themselves, but Daly is a professional, so…


Note – Daly does this all with a smoke hanging off his lips… and watch how quickly he goes to rescue the leftover beer as it falls over (“No man left behind”?!?). Oh Daly’s attire coupled with his near-mullet gets him bonus points from us.

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