West Michigan's Morning News Guest List 3/22/17

6:37AM: Dr. Kirsten Marshall- American Kennel Club is out with its Top 10 breeds & Labrador Retriever takes #1 for 26th consecutive year

7:07AM: Tonya Powers, Fox News Radio- the electronics ban on flights to the U.S. from certain countries looks indefinite. 

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7:37AM: Jim Tassonia, CEO/CIO of Durand Capital Partners, Regal Financial- Is your investment portfolio built to survive when interest rates rise?

8:07AM: Joe Gomez, NBC News Radio- Another day in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee for Judge Neil Gorsuch, how close is he to being appointed to the Supreme Court?

8:37AM: Rick Albin- a bill was introduced to ditch Daylight Saving Time in Michigan, what do those in support think it will do for the state?

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