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The Joe Pags Show

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House Republicans Vote To Hold Attorney General Merrick Garland In Contempt Of Congress-Hour 1

Lia Thomas Will Not Be Allowed To Compete In The Olympics-Hour 2

Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer who created controversy during the 2022 season with a win at the NCAA championships, lost a legal battle over rules that prevented trans swimmers who have been through male puberty from competing in elite women’s events. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos talking about the Hunter Biden case, Ukraine, Enemies of Ukraine' List, and much more.

Will President Biden Pardon His Son?-Hour 3

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not rule out a commutation for Hunter Biden following his Tuesday verdict, even after President Joe Biden promised to not pardon his son. Pags gives his thoughts. PLUS...Actor Kevin Sorbo talks with Pags about the public school system, his new movies, his new book, and more.

Interview with Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos

Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos talking about the Hunter Biden case, being on the list, Ukraine, and much more.

Hunter Biden Found Guilty-Hour 1

Hunter Biden has been found guilty in his federal firearms trial... Plus the state of Texas gets a big win

President Biden Gives Speech On Gun Safety Hours After His Son Gets Convicted-Hour 2

President Biden spoke Tuesday before a crowd of gun control advocates where he called for an assault weapons ban and other measures to limit access to firearms. Pags breaks it all down. PLUS...Former press secretary to Donald Trump, Sean Spicer joins Joe talking about the job and much more.

What Does Unhoused Mean?-Hour 3

Joe breaks down the homeless situation and what should be down about it. PLUS...Daniel Turner, an expert on energy, talks with Pags about the Left's Climate Double Standards and much more.

Interview with Sean Spicer

Former press secretary to Donald Trump, Sean Spicer joins Pags to talk about the job, working for Trump, and much more.

Pags Is Back From New York-Hour 1

Pags breaks down his trip to NYC...and the economy

Israeli Hostages Are Recovered In Daring Rescue-Hour 2

Israeli forces on Monday released a dramatic video showing the weekend rescue of four hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Pags breaks it all down. PLUS...There was a big raid over the weekend with Israel getting back some who were taken hostage by Hamas.... Brigitte Gabriel has the latest