Safety tips for shoveling snow

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Physical therapists are reminding West Michigan residents about shoveling safety as people begin to dig out from this week's snow storm.

Michigan is no stranger to heavy snowfall, but winter is also the time of year people end up injuring themselves while they are clearing their walkways.

"The important thing is not to do too much at once and to avoid any repetitive flexion, maintaining good posture while you do it," Mary Free Bed Physical Therapist Garret Biese told 24 Hour News 8.

This time of year lower back or spine pain trends as one of the injuries physical therapists see the most in patients. Biese said 80 percent of people will deal with a lower back or spine issues in their lifetime, but shoveling-related injuries are preventable.

Make sure you're lifting with your legs rather than bending over and putting all the stress on your back. Biese also said it's easier to push the snow, lift it and then walk it to a stop than tossing it off your shovel. 

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