Cascade Twp. residents want more PFAS testing


CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — For the last 10 days, residents of part of Cascade Township have known there is PFAS in the water. On Tuesday, they put their concerns to officials.

More than 120 people came out to the Cascade Township Library looking for answers about the alert that PFAS, a likely carcinogen, had been found in testing wells. Much of the concern centered on whether the area that is being tested is large enough.

“I think I can probably speak for some people here in this room, I feel like you guys aren’t testing enough, I feel like you’re keeping your zone kind of small and waiting to see what happens,” one resident took the floor to tell the officials.“We as citizens feel like you’re doing the minimum and I think that concerns us.”

Another person who lives just outside the current testing zone wanted to know how worried she should be.

“I would like a yes or no, should I be giving them our well water or should I be giving them bottled water since we are that close to those two lines?” the mother asked.

“I just really believe it’s up to you at this point whether or not you want to go to bottled water,” Al Taylor, the manager of the Hazardous Waste Program for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, told her.

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