WML Show Notes, Tuesday, 9-18-18

Tuesday's "West Michigan Live" with Justin Barclay kicks off by revealing a big Bob Seger announcement in regards to his final tour. Also, Justin talks ArtPrize 10 with artist Mick Von Doxtater on his exhibit "God's Necklace and the Southern Cross," and Governor Rick Snyder joins the show to discuss his current trip in China. Lastly, it's a "Tech Talk Tuesday" with Jeff Barrett breaking down the top brands in China and Elon Musk's SpaceX "Moon Loop."


Bob Seger announces final tour; retiring from the road after 56 years

- Bob Seger


Mick Von Doxtater - "God's Necklace and the Southern Cross"

- ArtPrize 10


Gov. Rick Snyder promotes state's automotive leadership, Michigan as travel destination during China investment mission

- Governor Rick Snyder


Alipay crowned China's most relevant brand as home-grown brands dominate the list

Elon Musk unveils first tourist for SpaceX 'Moon loop'

- Status Creative


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