Government shutdown ruins couple's road trip


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A West Michigan native who recently moved to Colorado said she and her husband got a firsthand look at the effects of the government shutdown.

Leann Sadler, who is originally from Grand Rapids, planned to visit several national parks with her husband. The government shutdown is taking a toll on those plans.

Sadler told 24 Hour News 8 over FaceTime that she and her husband planned their trip six months ago.

They chose the end of the year because they wanted to visit the desert national parks, but didn't want to go in the heat summer. Now, they’re feeling the heat of this latest federal shutdown.

Sadler said some travelers have been caught off-guard and were confused.

"We didn't know that the government shutdown would affect the national parks like this because there is that notion that a federal shutdown doesn't really affect us in any way," Sadler said.

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