Some upset over greenhouse's migrant worker housing


COMSTOCK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — It was standing room only at a Comstock Township board meeting Monday night, with people packing in to voice their opinions about migrant workers.      

Nothing on the meeting agenda dealt with the issue, but word recently got out that a local business plans to house dozens of migrant workers in Comstock Township. Starting next month, 34 workers will live in four houses that Wenke Greenhouses owns.

Lisa Wenke Ambrosio, who owns the greenhouse, says the business needs the workers.

"We're very much struggling to have people come to work with the seasonal nature of the jobs that we do and the hours that we work,” she explained to 24 Hour News 8. “There's just not a lot of people who want to come do these jobs anymore."

But several neighbors were worried about the situation, many citing a flyer circulated over the weekend that referred to the housing situation as a "camp" and warning of safety, crime and increased traffic.

"Help stop the migrant bus from becoming the most common sight in our community," the flyer reads in part. "Residents will have no control once this starts … This will have no benefit to our community."

The origin of the flyer is unclear.

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