In Japan, Trump pushes on North Korea, trade

TOKYO (AP) — Putting a face on the threat posed by North Korea, President Donald Trump stood Monday with anguished families of Japanese citizens snatched by Pyongyang’s agents, calling their abductions “a tremendous disgrace.”

Trump pledged to work to return the missing to their families, intensifying the pressure on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by elevating these heart-wrenching tales of loss to the international stage in hopes of pushing Pyongyang to end its provocative behavior toward American allies in the region.

“We’ve just heard the very sad stories about family members — daughters, wives, brothers uncles, fathers - it’s a very, very sad number of stories that we’ve heard,” Trump said. “They were abducted in all cases by North Korea and we will work with Prime Minister Abe on trying to get them back to their loved ones.”

Full Story: AP News


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