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West Michigan Live w/ Justin Barclay

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"The Bird is Free" Elon Takes Over at Twitter 10-28-22


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The Big Three 10-28-22

1 A Kent County judge is expected to rule today on whether a former Grand Rapids police officer will stand trial in the tragic death of Patrick Lyoya.

The man who was killed over while driving drunk last April. He fought with the officer and eventually appeared to grab his taser during the struggle threatening the life of the police officer.

The preliminary hearing was set to determine whether there was enough evidence to move forward.

2 “The bird is freed”

Elon Musk owns Twitter and the “Libs” on it..

He has taken control of Twitter and ousted the CEO, chief financial officer and the company’s general counsel, people familiar with the $44 Billion deal said Thursday night.

Musk will reportedly reverse Lifetime Suspensions.

3 North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula today, increasing the already high tensions in the region, South Korean military officials said.

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