Don't Believe The Lying Headlines - FULL SHOW 4-22-21

A police officer saved the life of a young black woman in Columbus Ohio. But you wouldn't know that based on the headlines.

In fact, it's happening right here in our own back yard too.

Justin digs in to go behind the headlines today.

Plus, Michigan Representative Luke Meerman (88th district) weighs in on the push from MIOSHA to make the Pandemic mandates permanent.

And Former Michigan State Senator, Patrick Colbeck, details the latest discovery of cyber attacks that could've changed the result of the 2020 election.

1 Good news!

The surge is slowing. Michigan’s seven-day average of daily new coronavirus cases has fallen substantially in the last week, a sign that we’re headed in the right direction.

Infection and hospitalization rates remain the highest in the country.

2 More guns are off the street thanks to the Grand Rapids Police Department who released a statement addressing a video showing officers making an arrest yesterday.

In the body cam video from March 26, police pulled a car over during the most recent "Operation: Safe Neighborhoods."

Officers can be seen punching a driver who tried to flee police and is resisting arrest.

Chief Eric Payne said,“This is the police work that I expect from my personnel,” in a statement Wednesday. “I have made the enforcement of violent crime and the recovery of illegal firearms one of the department’s top priorities.”

Police say they found four weapons inside the vehicle. The stop ended with three felony arrests. 

3 The Justice Department announced yesterday the launch of a federal civil probe into policing practices in Minneapolis.

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