WATCH: Driver Towing House Leads Police On Wild Chase

Police chase a driver towing a house

Photo: Excelsior Springs Missouri Police Department

driver hauling a house led police in Missouri on a wild chase on Thanksgiving night. The Excelsior Springs Police Department received reports that a driver towing a 70-foot house behind him had struck several cars.

Officers tried to order the man to pull over, but he refused and continued to speed down the roadway.

"He was traveling all over the roadway," Excelsior Springs Police Sgt. Kyle Craven said in a video posted on Facebook. "We thought he might have been drunk."

Officers tried to use spike strips to get the driver to stop, but that failed, and the driver kept going.

The chase finally came to an end when the driver got stuck in a culvert after making a sharp left turn and taking out a road sign.

There were no injuries reported.

The driver, who was not identified, was taken into custody and is facing multiple traffic violation charges.

"It's not every day that officers find themselves in a pursuit with a house!" the department wrote on Facebook.

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