Man Charged With Stealing An Entire Cabin And Hiding It With Metal Sheets

stolen cabin

Photo: Michigan State Police

A Michigan man has been arrested for allegedly stealing an entire cabin over a year ago. The cabin was stolen from Cold Springs Township sometime between November 18 and December 16, 2021, but wasn't reported missing until February 2022, when the owner returned to the cabin and was shocked that his home wasn't there.

The Michigan State Police received several tips about similar-looking cabins but had no luck finding the one that was stolen. Eventually, they located the cabin while executing a search warrant on the property of 43-year-old Jeremy Knoll. The cabin was partially hidden by large pieces of sheet metal. They were able to confirm it was the stolen cabin by matching the serial number on the inside.

Knoll was taken into custody and charged with one count of receiving and concealing stolen property. He is being held on a $20,000 bond.

Officials said that the investigation remains ongoing and that other people could be arrested in connection with the theft. They did not provide any details about how he managed to move the 12'x'28' cabin.

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