Georgia Is Getting Cancelled - FULL SHOW 4-5-21

Justin is joined by Robyn Walensky to talk about the backlash against Georgia's new voting laws.

The Big three 4-5-21

1 Thunderstorms are possible today. Warmer weather and rain on the way this week.

2 Anyone 16 and older can now sign up for the vaccine.

Cherry Health is partnering with Mel Trotter Ministries to vaccinate the homeless in Grand Rapids today.

3 Car theft is on the rise across West Michigan, including in Grand Rapids where the city is reporting a 180% increase since 2018.

There were 280 stolen motor vehicles in 2018. In 2020 the city received more than 800 reports of stolen vehicles.

Police say thieves often steal cars and use them to commit other violent crimes, like armed robberies, cell phone store smash-and-grabs, shootings and homicides.

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