She Escaped Communism Only Come to America And Have to Face It Here

She Escaped Communism In Her Home Country of Poland to Only Come to America And Have to Face It Here.. Bench warrant issued after Holland restaurant owner ignored state shutdown, Marlena Pavlos Hackney shares her story.

Also, Ryan Kelley is Running For Governor 2022 and makes his case for your vote.

And. Tim Mroz of The Right Place joins in with some good news.

The Big Three 3-5-21

1 Restaurant restrictions are being rolled back across Michigan today. Bars and restaurants can now serve at 50% capacity and stay open until 11 p.m.

Arenas are allowed to have 750 guests, if seating capacity is over 10,000. Casinos are allowed to be at 30% capacity.

2 The Senate advanced President Biden’s $1.9 trillion (anything but) Covid relief plan, with Vice President Kamala Harris providing the tiebreaking vote.

All Republicans voted against beginning the debate on the plan, while all Democrats, including two nominal independents, voted for it. That left the decision up to Harris, the president of the upper chamber.

3 No. 2 Michigan wrapped up the Big Ten title with a 69-50 victory over rival Michigan State last night.

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