President Trump sending federal agents to Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee


In an effort to expand a program that has targeted Democratic-run cities facing increases in violent crime, the Trump administration announced it is sending additional federal agents and funding to Cleveland, Milwaukee and Detroit,

Officials with the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced the deployment of dozens of federal officers to the three cities to assist local law enforcement as part of Operation Legend. The administration has already sent agents to Kansas City, Mo., and Chicago as part of the program as Democratic leaders express reluctance about the government's intentions amid clashes involving the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Portland, Ore.

Attorney general William Barr noted, "For decades, the Department of Justice has achieved significant success when utilizing our anti-violent crime task forces and federal law enforcement agents to enforce federal law and assist American cities that are experiencing upticks in violent crime,. The Department of Justice’s assets will supplement local law enforcement efforts, as we work together to take the shooters and chronic violent criminals off of our streets.”