WML Wednesday: House Condemning Trump Tweets & CEO Spotlight

Today on WML Justin reacts to the house resolution condemning Trumps recent tweets and Dr. Nkechy Ezeh, President & CEO of The Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative is the subject of our next Corp! Magazine CEO Spotlight!


1 Outrage over President Trump's tweets about four Democratic congresswomen has reached a fever pitch. 

In a dramatic session last night that involved gavel-throwing by a frustrated Democratic representative and harsh words from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House voted to officially condemn The President’s language

Four Republicans and one independentvoted for the official denunciation

2 from Michigan. Republican Congressman Fred Upton and Independent Justin Amash. 

2 Planned Parenthood's presidenthas been ousted after less than a year on the job. Dr. Leana Wen hinted in a Facebook statement that she was pushed out because of differing opinions on how to present the issue of abortion to the public. Wen said in a statement that she thinks access to abortion "is not a political issue but a health care one." It's no secret that it's a dire time for reproductive rights advocates. Republican leaders across the country aremoving to tighten accessto abortion services, and the Department of Health and Human Services just announced that new rules prohibiting taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion with patients are now in effect. Planned Parenthood has called the new regulations "devastating, illegal, & unethical" and says it will not abide by them.

3 Retired Supreme Court JusticeJohn Paul Stevens, nominated by President Ford in 1975 has died. He was 99.

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