WML Tuesday: Trump's Tweets & Tech Talk Tuesday

Today on West Michigan Live, Justin takes your calls on Trumps latest controversial tweets & Trent Knibbe and Jeff Barrett join the show for Tech Talk Tuesday.


1 Cloudy skies. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High near 85.

2 The US introduces its new third country asylum rule today, 'placing further restrictions on eligibility for aliens.' The rule adds a new bar to eligibility for asylum for anyone who enters or attempts to enter the US across the southern border, but who did not apply for protection from persecution or torture where it was available in at least one third country.

3 The Democratic controlled House of Representatives votes today to hold Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in criminal contempt of Congress for 'refusing to comply with subpoenas issued as part of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform's investigation into the Trump Administration's pretext for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census'.


Apollo 11 launched 50 years ago today. Here's how astronaut Michael Collins remembers the mission that put humans on the moon

Amazon Prime Day ends tonight. Shoppers will have limited time to shop for massive savings across a ton of departments, from Amazon devices to beauty to sporting goods. The markdowns are comparable to Black Friday or maybe even better.Other retailers are also getting in on the action, hosting their own sales

Erick Hill's 6th birthday was anything but special: His house burned down. But some firefighters stepped in to save his special day.

Police are telling people in one Tennessee town to stop flushing drugs down the toilet because it 

could create "meth gators."

The next time you yell at the umpire at an MLB game, you might be screaming ata "robo ump."

The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets. An Air Force spokeswoman, telling the Washington Post that UFO enthusiasts should stand down from their plan to storm Area 51 and "see them aliens."

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