Michael Vorce: A Story Of Deception And Now Redemption Through God


Michael Vorce was a twenty-something playboy living it up in Grand Rapids. By all appearances Vorce makes millions buying and selling luxury yachts. And with all the boats he buys, he is able to borrow millions from banks. But when the loans come due, questions float to the surface, like 'Where are all the boats' and 'Where is all the money?'

He was eventually convicted on identity thief. Vorce scammed local banks and others out of nearly 30 million dollars. Vorce was originally sentenced to 12 years for his crimes, but later had his sentence reduced after turning jailhouse informant, helping authorities with other investigations, including a murder case out of Milwaukee.

He is now sharing his story of redemption.

Michael Vorce and Kevin DeVries from Basecamp dropped by West Michigan Live to talk about Michael's story and how you can hear more this Sunday at Founder's Brewing Co. in Downtown Grand Rapids.

You can find more information and registration details at graceexplorations.com


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