A West Michigan Organization Helping Revitalize Veterans and their Wives

VetGR is a pioneer in the non-profit space providing specialized counseling, therapy, and coaching for veteran’s families dealing with the many issues related to transitioning back into civilian life.

Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower created this legacy organization for veterans and veterans families because they saw a need for advocacy. Many agencies promote and aid veteran centered programing, but the spouse and family remain in the shadows and voiceless. Jesse and Tara Johnson-Brower realized that the spouse and family are equally important to the veteran's success. 

Why did veteran Jesse Johnson-Brower survive his challenging eight-year transition back into civilian life? Because his wife Tara STAYED! She Will Stay is a first in the veteran community offering a safe community of support for wives of combat veterans. Tara Johnson-Brower created this groundbreaking program which encourages wives to STAY as their husbands focus on healing. She Will Stay provides a safe environment for wives of veterans to discuss difficult issues, support and empower one another. She Will Stay is a commitment not to walk out when things get hard, but to fight along side their spouse and win together.

Jesse and Tara stopped by West Michigan Live to talk about their organization and how you can get involved

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