Mutilation suspect's parents met by glares in court

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Ashley Young's mom sat in a Grand Rapids  courtroom Wednesday, staring down the parents of the man accused of  dismembering her daughter's body.

Mutilation suspect Jared Chance's parents were in court for their own felony charges: perjury and accessory after the fact.

As  James and Barbara Chance waited in a back row of the courtroom for  their hearing, Ashley Young's mom, Kristine Young, sat just feet away  across the aisle. She wore a black t-shirt with "#JusticeforAshley" in  pink letters. She frequently turned to stare at them, sometimes for  minutes at a time.

Earlier  this month, Ashley Young's mother stood in front of the Chances' home  in Holland for an interview with 24 Hour News 8. At the time, she pleaded with Jared Chance’s parents to tell her where the rest of her daughter's remains are.

On Wednesday in court though, Ashley Young's mother said nothing to them and left without comment.

Police  say Jared Chance told his parents that Ashley Young was dead and he had  dismembered her body and hid some of the remains on Dec. 1 at his Grand  Rapids apartment — a day before a neighbor investigating a smell in the  basement of the apartment discovered a tarp leaking blood.

The  court documents say Jared Chance's parents were at the Grand Rapids  police station on Dec. 2, but did not tell officers what they knew.

However, Jared Chance's mother has told 24 Hour News 8 they did call police. His father, who is a former police officer, has said he was not guilty of the charges.

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