Ask Ellen: Why is this Winter Storm so tricky?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) -- If you lived in the south, a forecast like this would have your running for the bread and milk.

But we live in the north, and we know all winter storms aren't created equally. The one coming this Sunday is a tricky one. The biggest problem, is the forecast track has been really hard to nail down. 

If you can't tell for certain where the storm is going to move, you can't say for certain who is going to see the most snow. It's a hard thing to communicate, but I think I've found a good comparison, and it has to do with tacos. 

This is a high impact, low certainty event. 

It's like when Taco Bell promises free tacos if a base is stolen in the World Series. If it happens, there would be a big impact. Tons of people would get tacos! If it doesn't, they will be no impact at all. 

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