Special delivery for man dying of cancer

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Dalton Shaffer isn't the type of guy who wants to be in the spotlight, but people tend to notice something like driving to another state to deliver a pizza.

"Originally, I wanted to keep it quiet, but I hope it can inspire people to do the right thing," Shaffer said.

Rich  Morgan and his wife Julie had planned to drive from their home in  Indianapolis to metro Battle Creek to visit the pizza joint Shaffer  works at, Steve's Pizza. The couple, who lived in Battle Creek for over  two decades, were going to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate  Julie Morgan's 56th birthday. Then tragedy struck.

"Instead of  getting in the car and going to Battle Creek, we wound up going to the  ER, to the hospital, and Rich's cancer had returned," Julie Morgan's  father David Dalke told 24 Hour News 8 over the phone Wednesday.

The trip was canceled and Rich Morgan was placed in hospice care. He was given just days to live.

So  Dalke made a call to Steve's, asking for someone to reach out to his  son-in-law to wish him well. The family got a little more than that.

Shaffer  answered the phone and decided to go the literal extra mile. He asked  what kind of pizza they wanted, threw the pies in the oven, wrapped up  his shift and then started driving south.

About three and a half hours and 225 miles later, he arrived in Indianapolis with a pepperoni pizza and a mushroom pizza.

"When  I rolled into the driveway, they were actually already there waiting  for me, and they were shocked, they were shocked. When I get out of the  vehicle, the family gave me a big hug and everything like that, it was  really cool," Shaffer said.

Shaffer said he just wanted to do what he felt was right.

And in the end, he delivered more than just pizza: he also delivered a memory.

"My thoughts are with them, my prayers are with them. I hope they can get comfort," he said.

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