Police, prosecutors declare war on pot proposal

WYOMING, Mich. (WOOD) — Prosecutors, police and public health officials came out Wednesday to voice their opposition to the ballot proposal to legalize marijuana during a mass presentation at the Wyoming Police Department.

While cops opposing weed probably surprises no one, they say legalization will have a devastating impact on communities in Michigan.

“It literally is gonna change the landscape of Michigan and change the landscape of our communities,” said Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Kempker, who was joined by police and prosecutors from Kent and Muskegon counties, as well as community health officials.

“There’s a false idea that marijuana is safe, it is not safe. There are there are direct correlations with a variety of health issues,” said Joann Hoganson, director of community wellness at the Kent County Health Department.

“Network 180 does not support the proposed marijuana ballot initiative, and if we did, we would be turning our backs on our mission, on our community and those we serve,” said Ross Buitendorp, who oversees addiction programs at Network 180.

Much of the establishment in Michigan opposed Proposal 1, including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Nevertheless, polling shows support for the proposal is around 56 percent, while opposition is at around 36 percent, according to a Detroit News/WDIV poll.



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