Ford Airport a 'unique' fit as ArtPrize venue

CASCADE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The Gerald R. Ford International  Airport isn’t a traditional ArtPrize venue, but officials are excited to  get back in the action this year.

The airport will be home to 14 pieces in its second year hosting ArtPrize entries.

“I  think being the gateway to West Michigan where we’re sometimes the  first and list place people see when they’re on their travel journey —  it is a unique fit for us and it’s a natural fit because it brightens up  our space and it’s a chance to showcase the largest art competition in  the world, which happens right in our city,” said Tara Hernandez, Ford  Airport’s marketing and communications director.

One of the pieces at the airport this year is "1934,"  a portrait of a young Gerald Ford with football teammate Willis Ward.  The large painting was made to share the story of how Ford stood up for  Ward, a black teammate who was banned from a game because of his skin  color.

Ford Airport also has a piece titled Fear Less created  by Elizabeth Laul Healey, a North Carolina artist who was forced to  leave her home this weekend as Hurricane Florence approached.

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