Lawsuit: MSU knew Nassar raped student-athlete in 1992

EAST LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — A lawsuit filed Monday claims Larry Nassar drugged and raped a patient more than 25 years ago, and Michigan State University Trustee George Perles helped bury the allegation. 

The suit gives the plaintiff's real name, Erika Davis. She was an MSU field hockey player in 1992 when she became injured and went to see Nassar in the spring of that year.

Based on the dates documented in court paperwork, the alleged rape is the earliest-known assault committed by Nassar under the guise of medical treatment. It also appears to be the earliest report of Nassar that went ignored or was minimized by MSU officials.

The suit states Davis was "groomed" by Nassar, that he had a cameraman filming appointments and asked that she take part in a "flexibility study through the College of Osteopathic Medicine" during her initial appointment.

A week later, according to the suit, Davis returned for another appointment. This time Nassar gave her a crushed up pill in a drink, which she took thinking it was for her injured knee.

The documents go on to recount Davis becoming woozy and unable to move. It states when she looked at the clock, she  realized she had been knocked out for more than an hour. The lawsuit then describes in detail Nassar raping Davis while she was in a daze.

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