Prosecutor: Man justified in deadly shooting of neighbor

GRATTAN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — A Kent County man will not face criminal charges in a shooting that killed a man and wounded his nephew sparked by complaints about a party.

The decision stems from a shooting that happened Aug. 12 along Big Pine Island Lake in the 7300 block of Parle Ave. NE, east of the Grattan Raceway in Grattan Township.

Investigators say it started with a dispute between 44-year-old Robert Morgan and a female neighbor, who confronted him about escorting party-goers from a bonfire on a vacant lot he owned nearby. The neighbor was upset because Morgan’s Jeep was “extremely loud” and his erratic driving was kicking up rocks toward her home, the prosecutor said. The neighbor said when she asked him to stop driving like that around her house, Morgan immediately became combative, called her names and threatened to follow her home and beat up her and her boyfriend. 

About five minutes after the woman arrived home, Morgan drove up to her front yard, the prosecutor said.

Jacob Vanenk told authorities his uncle was drunk and extremely “fired up” after the confrontation. Vanenk and another person in the Jeep said Morgan asked other people to come with him to confront his neighbors, and mentioned beating someone up.

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