DEQ: Stretches of Kalamazoo River contaminated with PFAS

PARCHMENT, Mich. (WOOD) — State tests have confirmed what Target 8  uncovered in August — that some stretches of the Kalamazoo River are  highly contaminated with PFAS.

The state Department of  Environmental Quality says it tested the river in about two dozen spots,  many near Parchment, and found the likely carcinogen at each

It found PFAS above state limits for surface water just downstream from Parchment, in about the same area where a Target 8 test found high levels.

The highest level — 54 parts per trillion — was found even further downstream near Otsego.

It also found high levels on the river just west of Battle Creek.

The  state says it also found extremely high levels of PFAS at the former  Crown Vantage paper mill. One reading hit 11,500 parts per trillion —  about 164 times the limit for drinking water.

They say the old mill is the likely source that contaminated Parchment's wells, forcing 3,000 residents to drink bottled water for a month.

The  DEQ says it's not clear if the tests will lead to new fish advisories,  since historically levels of PCBs already have led to warnings not to  eat the fish.

>>Inside PFAS and toxic tap water investigation


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