Tomato plant fire sparks warning from Saranac mom

SARANAC, Mich. (WOOD) — Jenny Kodat says her 11-year-old child noticed smoke coming from the back deck of their home Sunday afternoon.

When Kodat searched for the source, she found the potted tomato plant that’s been sitting on her deck since June was on fire.

“The pot was completely burned. And this was on fire and so was my wall,” said Kodat, pointing to the remnants of a plastic pot and melted siding on her home.

“(It was) very scary. It could have burned my house down with my kids inside or when I was gone and my dog (was) inside,” she said.

Kodat bought the plant from a big box store.

It's been on the deck ever since, moved only to take advantage of sunlight and shade.

Kodat says she didn't add any additional fertilizer or chemicals to it.   

“I didn't do anything to it besides water it. Whatever was in it was already in it,” she said.



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