Several organizations want to get your attention in this coming week, which they call "Hunger Action Week".   In the Grand Rapids area, the coalition says 80,000 people including one of every five children, has no idea where their next meal will come from. 

This is a condition that  Andrew Steiner from the Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank calls "food insecurity".

He tells WOOD Radio that his  is just one of  a dozen local  hunger-relief organizations hoping to get you to understand the need and understand  how hunger is the result of poverty.

He says many of the people the "Hunger Action Week" coalition are highlighting often choose between paying an electric or doctor's bill and eating the next meal.

He has no answer on how to eliminate that problem, which he says is a result of poverty, but hopes that you will be more aware of the situation and be more willing to help when a food charity asks.