Cruiser damaged in murder manhunt now a teaching tool

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — After a storied career in law enforcement, a damaged black Dodge Charger now sits in the automotive program garage at the Kent Career Technical Center.

Its dented front end will soon provide a lesson plan for students in the program.

But there’s a story behind this car.  

“Every car has a story,” said Hunter Sprik, a student KCTC’s automotive program. 

“Every scratch, every ding, it's like a story you can tell,” added classmate Tamara Rubio.

The car's story could’ve ended back on Sept. 27, when Adam Nolin, wanted for the murder of his girlfriend at their Wyoming home, was on the run.

Grand Rapids police would end his run on US-131 downtown after Nolin ditched his car and opened fire on the busy S-curve.

A GRPD officer took out Nolin with his cruiser. Nolin survived and is now awaiting trial.

But before he made it to the S-curve, Nolin smashed and dinged other police vehicles along the way. One of them was the black Charger, now awaiting repair at KCTC.

“The Charger platform is one that many departments are going to. So, it's a great opportunity for our kids to work on a newer car,” said KCTC Principal Ryan Graham.

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