West Michigan's Lakeshore Congressman Bill Huizenga (Republican from Second District) seems to believe that the budget standoff will result in some concession on Obamacare eventually.  

He told WOOD Radio's West Michigan Morning News  that "even the Administration will admit, if not in their words but in thier actions...there are major, major problems" with the Healthcare Exchanges.  

Specifically, Huinzenga mentioned that giving you another year to come up with a health plan just as the President has given businesses another year, seems to be a "minor point".  

Huizenga also indicated the majority of his constituents seem to insist that Congress not exempt itself from the Affordable Care Act.

He says the House GOP has negotiated continually over the past few weeks. "We have gone from totally defunding Obamacare to a one year suspension of it."

Huizenga says that the US Senate's Majority Democratic Leader needs to bend some.  "We don't want to see these minor, reasonable changes be shoved aside just because Harry Reid wants to have his political way."