The National Weather Service's flood warning Tuesday night said the Muskegon River at Croton should be under its flood stage before Tuesday night.

Newaygo County's Emergency Service Director Abby Watkins tells WOOD Radio that the flood crest at Croton was 11 feet, far less than the 12 -to- 14 that had been forecast at first. 

She said the floods caused about $6 million in property damage in that area.

Watkins also says people who live near the river, and who had not bought flood insurance, may be able to get public assistance to help with their recovery.

She said she is checking into that and will know by the end of this week.

Across West Michigan, the river levels continue to fall,  with many areas along the Grand River falling under the flood levels  within the next day or two. 

The NWS expected that Grand Rapids will be unflooded by Thursday afternoon, but Comstock Park, not until late Saturday night.    

{photo:  NWS "staff gage" at Croton dam, '04}