The unseasonably warm weather has taken a toll on roads, and that's been especially true for the long-distressed 3-mile section of M-6 pavement near the Kent/Ottawa county line. 

Because of the accelerated deterioration of the concrete joints there, MDOT Grand Region officials have decided to move up a pavement repair project from 2018 to this year's construction season. The pavement will be replaced between Jackson Street near I-196 in Ottawa County and Wilson Avenue in Kent County.

A great deal of maintenance work was required this past fall to seal up this pavement prior to winter. Yet, with the erratic weather and temperatures fluctuating above and below freezing combined with high amounts of precipitation in January and February, MDOT would have to continue to commit maintenance resources to pavement that would soon be replaced.

Beyond an expected late spring advertisement and mid- to late summer construction, specific details on the schedule and maintenance of traffic are not yet available.