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Local authors pen book for modern mom on birth and baby

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- On this Mother's Day 2024, two West Michigan certified doulas and authors are releasing an empowering parenting book, Supported: Your Guide to Birth and Baby.

The book helps the modern woman prepare for pregnancy, birthing and early parenting. It contains a plentitude of advice and evidence-based information on topics ranging from pregnancy prep, building a support team navigating parental leave, caring for multiples, budgeting for baby, infant feeding and prioritizing sleep. Birth and postpartum stories from past clients are included.

Kristin Revere and Alyssa Veneklase co-founded Gold Coast Doulas, LLC., a birth and postpartum doula agency located in the Eastown area of Grand Rapids. They also co-host the Ask the Doulas Podcast.

Revere is the company's owner. She is a Lowell High School graduate who lives in the Midtown area of Grand Rapids, and Veneklase is in the East Grand Rapids area.

"We wrote the book we would have wanted when we were pregnant," Veneklase said in a news release. “It really is an all-encompassing guide that will support moms from pregnancy through the toddler years and beyond.”

Veneklase and Revere said "Supported" is the culmination of a decade-long journey, serving thousands of families through both their doula agency and popular online course, “Becoming a Mother."

They also said that "Supported" helps mothers feel informed and prepared through every step of the process, from preparing for childbirth to navigating postpartum challenges - such as sleep training and managing toddler development.

Veneklase is also a certified sleep consultant. She teaches for Revere and co-created the online course.

"We assembled a guide for the modern mom, so they understand all of the resources for birth and baby - and all of the experts that they can choose from," Revere said in a telephone interview.

Revere said much has changed for young mothers in recent years, such as updates on car-seat safety, baby seating and all of the various electronic gadgets that are now available to use.

"There's so much technology. Baby monitors, there are cribs that move, and even feeding gadgets. So, a lot of technology is infused in parenting," she said.

The book touches on issues such as safe sleeping and how to find eco-friendly sources.

"Creating a baby registry, for example. And we suggest registering for services, like overnight post-partum doula support and lactation, instead of registering for all the things and gadgets. Actually getting help that families need," Revere said.

The book is published by Praeclarus Press.

“We want this information to be accessible and affordable to all moms,” Revere said. "Just as people invest considerable time, consideration, and resources into planning a wedding or building a home, we want to empower moms to best prepare for the life-changing seasons of pregnancy and motherhood. We’re thrilled to continue this mission and to reach even more families with this book."

Supported: Your Guide to Birth and Baby is now available for purchase on Amazon.com and select book retailers.


Co-authors Alyssa Veneklase (L) and Kristin Revere, Gold Coast Doulas, LLC. Photo: Source: Happy PR.

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