When will legal weed come to a store near you?

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — It’s been nearly a year since Michigan voters approved recreational marijuana’s decriminalization, but it’s still going to be months before consumers are able to purchase any.

On Tuesday night, Muskegon’s City Council and the Grand Rapids City Commission approved rules for recreational marijuana.

“Each municipality has their own ordinance. Those ordinances are written particularly to the wishes and the whims of each of the municipalities,” Pete Simmons, a licensing specialist with CannaLex Law in Grand Rapids Township, explained.

In Grand Rapids, city officials have been crafting a set of rules that started out with the regulation of medical marijuana and now sets a plan that would delay applications until April 20.

“The Grand Rapids one is a little more complex as to what they’re going to do,” Simmons said.

Muskegon’s rules would allow for an application process to begin next month.

“Muskegon’s is a little less complex whereas they’ve said that they’re ready to go and on Nov. 1 when the state opens up their application phase, Muskegon will be ready,” Simmons said.

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