Red flags with Kzoo Co. concert promising Drake, Cardi B

AUGUSTA, Mich. (WOOD) — A local man is promoting a concert on a Kalamazoo County farm, but Target 8 found nothing with the so-called "Meeting of the Minds" festival adds up.

With the tickets starting $130, the website for the festival says Drake and Cardi B will be there.

But the internet is calling the event a copycat of the Fyre Festival , a failed music festival that was supposed to take place in the Bahamas and is now the subject of two wildly popular documentaries on Netflix and Hulu.

So Target 8 went straight to the source, calling up Tyler Holland, who says he's putting on the event.

"The concert is actually still in the works," he said. "(I've) been in contact with the sponsors. This is the week that they have to give us a call back. Been in contact with all the agents and artists and everything like that. The people that are saying this is a scam are actually trying to steal my business."

He claims he has already sold 1,700 tickets.

His website shows that the concert will take place May 25 at a farm estate in Augusta, just outside Kalamazoo, but the address listed is for the home next door. When Target 8 went to the location shown on the website, we found nothing but horses and confused people.

Full story: WOOD TV


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