W MI schools close 3rd consecutive day, 'common sense' decision

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — With wind chill temperatures dipping far below the zero mark this morning, hundreds of area schools have called off school for the third straight day. 

Air temperature, windchill, snow totals and ice build are enough to close schools by themselves. Compounded, these factors blend to create a dangerous mix that proves unsafe for students and staff alike. 

Grandville public schools superintendent Roger Bearup spoke with 24 Hour News 8, saying the decision to call off school isn't always a numbers game, but rather a gut reaction.

"Common sense tells you the conditions that are outside with snowing and blowing, the windchill combination - are these things that are safe for kids," Bearup said. "If not, then we air on the side of student safety and close for the day."

In his time as superintendent, Bearup has never called off school three days in a row. In his discussions with other area supers, he believes they have entered uncharted territory. 

"You look at the weather outside and stop to realize that the governor has even declared a state of emergency," Bearup said. "I know for a fact that hasn't happened before and I can't ever remember a time the schools were closed this long for weather."

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