Doctor: Don't rely only on milk for kids' nutrients


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Helen DeVos Children's Hospital says it's seeing several children each year experiencing sometimes severe anemia caused by drinking too much milk.

Dr. Bill Bush, the pediatrician-in-chief at the children's hospital, says the problems generally come in two forms.

"Cow's milk can be introduced too early and that can cause a problem," he explained. "But then the bigger issue is having too much milk between that transition of being done breastfeeding and the age of 2 or 3."

Milk contains lots of good things like protein and calcium, but one thing it doesn't have much of is iron.

"So when kids are, instead of eating a properly balanced food, they're drinking milk as their nutrients, they start to quickly lose that iron store in their body and become anemic," Bush said.

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