Fewer hunters means fewer dollars, more crashes


GREENVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — For families like the VandenToorns, deer hunting has become a tradition.

On Wednesday, the last day of archery season and the day before the start of regular firearm season, Sarah VandenToorn and her sons Deizel and Zeke were checking out bows at Hilltop Sporting Goods west of Greenville.

"How old were you when you shot your first deer?" she asked her 10-year-old Deizel.

“I think I was like 6," he replied.

"It really gets them off of the couch, outside, learning, seeing nature," VandenToorn said.

It’s a tradition that involves dad, mom, grandpa, uncles and brothers.

"You get to be with your family and hunt and get food," Deizel said.

But statewide, the tradition is slowly losing its appeal and that can be a problem even for people who don't hunt.

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