Restaurant honors fallen vets with 'Missing Man' table


BYRON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — At first glance, Sandi's Family Restaurant off S. Division Avenue near 68th Street looks and sounds like most restaurants. But if you look closer, you'll notice tributes to those who have defended America.

Flags for each branch of the military hang on the walls. And in one corner sits a special tribute. 

"It's the Missing Man table," explained owner Brian Kabban. "It was started after Vietnam."

Kabban is also a veteran. He served in the Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2013.

Now, every Memorial Day and Veterans Day, he brings tradition home.

"It's at most of our cafeterias in the military," Kabban said of the table. "And I thought that it would be deserving to have it here as well."

The table is a way to honor prisoners of war -- those who've gone missing or were killed while serving our country. 

That includes David Warsen, a Kentwood native and Navy SEAL who was killed in 2012 when his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan.

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