Dem Gretchen Whitmer wins governors seat, Schuette concedes race

Former state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer has won back the governors office for the democrats. 

She said she was proud of the campaign she had run.She defeated Republican Bill Schuette, currently the state's attorney general.

In the Democratic primary, Whitmer won all 83 counties, a first for her party."I got into all 83 counties well before the primary," Whitmer said Tuesday morning at her polling place in East Lansing. "When you do that, it really does help you stay tethered to the things that matter to people. I don't have to guess what's on people's mind. I'm talking and listening and learning and building plans that solve problems. I think that was the critical thing that kept our messaging focused on things that really matter and kept me focused on it."

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