School districts scrambling for subs after company shutdown

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — A major staffing agency for substitute teachers in Michigan suddenly closed its operations in the state, sending districts scrambling for a solution.

Professional Education Services Group announced late Monday that the business was ceasing its operations in Michigan due to business financial pressures. The company was expected to continue operations in other states.

EDUStaff, a West Michigan company, says it's office is working with dozens of districts to fill the surprise void. EDUStaff President Clark Galloway says he's happy to take on the additional business, but what happened with PESG is still costly.

"It's going to fall on our industry. It's going to give staffing, especially educational staffing. a black eye," Galloway said. "Sometimes bad decisions or economic forces cause organizations to go out of business, so it’s going to cause districts to reflect and say 'Do we want to be going through staffers at this point to look for substitutes?'”

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