Secret Service dog bite victim: 'I was amazed'


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Secret Service dogs are the superstars of the dog world.

They are educated in Europe and considered to be among the best trained dogs in the world. But earlier this week, one dog got a failing grade.

Melissa Ramirez, 33, works downtown and was walking east on Monroe Avenue between Lyon and Pearl streets after 5 p.m. on Wednesday when the dog being held by a Secret Service agent suddenly lunged at her.

She saw law enforcement with a dog a few feet away but said she was not afraid.

“Just out of nowhere as I was walking by, the dog just started running at me and sunk his teeth into my leg,” Ramirez said. “I said ‘what’s wrong with you? Your dog just bit me.’ I couldn’t believe it had happened, I was amazed.”

The handler put the dog in a vehicle and told Ramirez to come with him as blood seeped from the aching bite wound.

“By the time we got to the corner, my pant-leg was just soaked,” Ramirez said. “As he was walking with me, he told me he was actually a Secret Service agent for the vice president and that’s why there were so many police around, I didn’t know the vice president was in town so I was a little surprised.”


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