GRPS superintendent threatens to sue parent for defamation


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The superintendent of Grand Rapids Public Schools is threatening legal action against the parent of a special needs student who is also a critic of the district and a Democratic candidate for the State Board of Education.  

Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal says the parent defamed her and is creating problems where none exist.  

It is all but unheard of for a school district superintendent to threaten legal action against a parent. But in this case, Neal says the parent lied about her saying the superintendent was threating those unhappy with special educations programs administered by GRPS.  

The story started Feb. 28 when Neal had a press conference to address complaints by staff and parents of special needs students, which was led by Lily Schulting, a parent and advocate who is now running for the State Board of Education.  

Neal was very blunt in saying many there was no basis for almost all the complaints laid out in a petition calling first for the firing of the special education director and later calling for Neal herself to step down. 

Schulting claims that Neal said, they will be dealt with,' referring to those staff and parents voicing concerns.  

“My assumption is, and because she seemed upset, that I assumed she meant that she was going to punish us," Schulting said.  â€œI think a lot of people do remember it and they had a similar reaction.”  

Full Story: WOODTV


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