How Well House gives GR's homeless a home, hope


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — While WOOD TV8 employees spent Friday helping those in need as part of Founder’s Day of Caring, Well House in Grand Rapids has been at it for decades.

Executive Director John Glover says getting people back on their feet starts with housing.

"The point is if you give people a space where they can become stable, they can begin to work on the issues that got them to homelessness to begin with,” he explained.

Well House is dedicated to fighting homelessness and the stigma that oftentimes comes with it.

"This is not a strange category of people. These are normal people that have problems. We all have problems. Their problems took them to a dark place where they need a lot of help. They're like everybody else. So when they're on their feet, it's amazing to see what happens," said Glover.

Well House currently has 14 homes with 60 tenants in Grand Rapids; a third of those tenants are children.

The average stay for someone at Well House is about a year, but they can remain there as long as they need.

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