West MI couple to get married, tackle cancer together

SPARTA, Mich. (WOOD) — Soon-to-be newlyweds are thanking generous strangers ahead of their wedding this weekend.

Earlier this month, Arika Schmidt took to Facebook after being diagnosed with two forms of thyroid cancer.

She and her fiance, Chadd Juarez, realized they wanted to get married before she begins treatment, but that meant pulling off a wedding in just a few weeks. She’ll have surgery Jan. 23.

“We want this to be about us and our love for each other, not about my cancer and I don’t want the scar and everything slapping me in the face in all of our wedding pictures,” Schmidt said.

To the couple’s surprise, hundreds of people commented on Schmidt’s post. Everything from her dress to the music was taken care of in a matter of days.

“You don’t see things like this very often and it’s absolutely amazing to have an entire community who don’t know each other, who don’t know either one of us just coming in, ‘Hey I can do your flowers for you, or do you have anybody to do your cake? Do you have a photographer yet? Have you found a dress?’ What!” Schmidt said.

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