Wolverine tannery cleanup order: What took so long?

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WOOD) — A new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency order forcing Wolverine Worldwide to clean up its highly polluted former tannery site is based on tests that found mercury, arsenic, lead and other potentially deadly chemicals there at least six years ago.

It begs the question: What took the government so long to take action?

The EPA’s new order gives Wolverine 60 days to come up with a cleanup plan for the tannery site, saying some of the chemicals, including arsenic and ammonia, pose an imminent threat to kids swimming in the nearby Rogue River and people using the White Pine Trail.

That was before anybody even considered PFAS, the likely carcinogen recently found at extremely high levels at the former tannery and other sites, including Wolverine’s former House Street dump.

Full Story via WOODTV


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